5 Creative House from Japan

21 Jan

Japan has everything you want in the country, except for land in large metropolitan areas such as Tokyo. In reality, because of lack of space, the wealthy homeowners have created some of the coolest home design you’ve ever seen.

Modern House

Dubbed “Reflections Mineral” and was manufactured by Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashi of Atelier Tekuto, this house measuring only 480 square feet and is designed so that every angle on it brings a different view.

Toda’s House

Located in Hiroshima, Japan, Toda House by Kimihiko Okada who diarsiteki are innovative home with spiral designs. This is what the architect said: “The land area is developed into platforms forming several levels. Architectural this house are required to have a view over the roofs of neighboring houses, and to consider security, this home is situated on the edge of a residential area, and is useful also to leave some space when the client opens a small shop in the future. ”

KKC Building

According to the designer, “KKC House focuses on the development level of communication as well as an open communal space for family members. Areas protected under the body of the house serves as a large multi-functional area for outdoor activities. Feature rigid shelter to hide away windows set the privacy level to in space. ”

The Box

Eye-catching design is derived from Suga Atelier and menpunyai area of ​​about 1660 square feet, all of it covered with cedar. Wood interior surrounds from every angle and provides a sleek and modern appearance, unlike the cabin that you see in other countries.


Designed by architect named Sou Fujimoto, Jenga house is also known as the Final Wooden House – located in Kumamoto, Japan. Although perhaps possessed a small room, the house can accommodate several people, unlike other narrow places that we often encounter.



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