4 Most Amazing Buildings in Dubai

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 - Architecture, Best Design, Modern Design

Dubai is famous for its modern architecture and futuristic buildings. Various unusual building could no find in one of the cities in the Middle East. Here are some of them:

1. Burj Dubai: World’s tallest building

If you are thinking about the tallest building in the entire world, then you’ve found the answer today. With a height of about 800 meters, Burj Dubai tallest buildings beating for instance Petronas Towers and Taipei Tower. This building is the result of wealthy architecture of Adrian Smith. Total funds required to construct one of the most amazing structures in Dubai is $ 4 billion. Form of the construction is influenced by the desert flowers are often used as decoration in Islamic architecture.

2. Palm Islands: palm tree-shaped islands

This is also one of the most amazing structures in Dubai. Imagine, this building has the form of a palm tree. And the picture you see above is not the A3 or A4 size paper, but 25 square kilometers! And even more astonishing is this island is one of the three biggest artificial islands in the world. Constructs the building was designed by Nakheel Properties, a property company in the United Arab Emirates. They work together with scraper and marine contractor Van Oord from the Netherlands named. Around this area there are villas, apartments, amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and various other entertainment venues.

3. The World Islands: man-made islands shaped map of the world

This is one extraordinary ambitious project. When will we get to notice a great island the shape was really like a world map. Although it does not happen normally, at least the island is able to show us precisely how “crazy” today’s modern architecture. Yes, with a distinctive shape is very appropriate that The World Islands to be one of the most amazing buildings in Dubai. In the artificial islands, there are about 300 small islands. The manufacturing process is to draw the sand in the sea to the surface. These islands have a variety of sizes, ranging from 23 thousand to 84 thousand square km square miles. And the distance between islands is 50-100 meters. Do you know what the value of this construction? 14 billion dollars!

4. Dubai Mall: largest mall in the world

Dubai not only has the tallest building or the antique artificial islands in the world, but the biggest mall or shopping center in the world there is also this. This mall has an area of more than 12 million square feet. Inside the mall was founded several small mall. Mall in the Mall? A concept that is very rare even in the world of modern architect though.



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