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h3 12 inspirational and exclusive interviews on Yanko DesignYves Behar Thu forward in our series of 12 inspirational interviews, I speak with Yves Behar of fuseproject. Yanko Design is reporting his work for many years, but surprisingly this is our first interview with him! Go with the theme of this series, it is my mission to bring you important lessons that no design schools or institutions you learn. In his no-holds-bar conversation Yves talks about taking risks, doing things differently and overcome obstacles. Do you know why it is called “Evel Knievel” design? I! Read on to find out more …. product, product, product! 12 Inspirational and exclusive interviews on Yanko Design - Yves Behar - image  on http://bestdesignews.com Yves Behar needs no introduction, so I dive In an interview with hard questions like why he designed JimmyJane vibrator! I mean, is not without risk or uncomfortable? After all sex toys are not just on high-priority list for many designers “I have been interested in design products such as JimmyJane of 2000 or 2,001th I’m always excited about the product categories where design can make a huge difference and where the expectations are so low. In this industry, people are doing things that are so contrary to what the modern concept of good design. High quality materials, high quality products are completely absent from this industry and so I always thought it would be interesting to change. My friend Ethan Imboden (from JimmyJane) and I finally decided to partner together. In the beginning, we should design a single product, but we soon realized that not all the same, or likes the same things. So we built a modular internal mechanism and is designed to fit a variety of forms. There are different approaches for designing the same thing! ” 12 Inspirational and exclusive interviews on Yanko Design - Yves Behar - image  on http://bestdesignews.com ” A lot of people shy away from making a vibrator, but for me the same approach when designing a quality cell phone speaker or a high quality . For me, honestly, the product is a product of the product! It just needs to deliver. The fact that it is associated with human sexuality does not make more or less interesting. ” I think Yves is a little modest here, but he was in many ways responsible for revolutionizing the approach to and perception of people had the pleasure toys. He brings elegance and sophistication to the genre.

class = “style1″> Do not be afraid to explore avenues where no one else is authorized, and be a risk taker!

12 Inspirational and exclusive interviews on Yanko Design - Yves Behar - image  on http://bestdesignews.com risk taking has always been a sign of Yves’ work and how he approached customers and partnerships, even before he started fuseproject. “I was a product designer in the Bay area and product design; I took so many risks with projects. My focus was on making things more uniform and said that they called me ‘Evel Knievel. “They can not pronounce my name, and Evel Knievel was my nickname even before I started fuseproject independently. Design is based on risk-taking and can not work without taking risks. I worked at that time, Silicon Graphics, Acer and HP GPS on the project. All my works are worth the risk. ” I asked him to elaborate on it …. 12 Inspirational and exclusive interviews on Yanko Design - Yves Behar - image  on http://bestdesignews.com ” The design is sometimes carried out 2-3 years in advance of the project hitting the market. Therefore, you should be planning for the future of the market and future user experience. You must be projected into the future. So, this means that the risk inherent in what you design. If you are not taking risks, in my opinion, your project can not be successful. And if it does not feel it will not feel advanced differentiated, will not feel anything the next generation. Thus, risk taking is a fundamental trait in our work and feel comfortable taking risks in design, and we’ve gotten very big rewards from it. ” good example of risk Jambox-taking was started last year. Nobody thought it would be possible to run them loudspeaker, especially because they were not a major brand. Between design and user experience and mobile start based on experience, Jambox has become the number one speaker in the U.S. in their respective categories. Yves uses the same risk-taking relationship with its partners Jawbone and Herman Miller. Unfortunately, many companies are willing to take these risks with you. Many companies play it safe, but Yves thinks that the lack of vision for leading 21st century based business. class = “style1″> mix of risk, talent and effort is the right approach. According to Yves, the designer should be creative with the business side as well as design. It is not enough to be creative with the design side only! 12 Inspirational and exclusive interviews on Yanko Design - Yves Behar - image  on http://bestdesignews.com ” When you create a partnership will be a set of calculations, which means you have to listen a lot closer and better understand their clients business. As a designer will bring you value and what that value is going to be worth, if the project is successful. Each company in the second stage and so it really depends how creative you can get. Most designers a formulation of how companies are approaching, but the need of the hour Time is a creative aspect to this too. angle, which are considered boring part – running a business ” According to Yves, different approaches to the capital of the partnership or become co-founder and getting fully integrated into the business. Taking a fee or retainer-ship or Royalty is also essential. “mechanism must work for the short term, midterm and long term. It can not only be the only hope for long-term returns. You must be able to mix different kinds of rewards. This is not a formula, it depends about any situation. ” Yves cautions that partnerships are about establishing a contract, they are also establishing a long-term trust. “You can check that in a short period of time. Need to estimate how someone meets his end of the agreement on a permanent basis, not just at the end of the contract.” “Herman Miller and I worked together 10 years. For me design of the company’s ambassador to the United States. Sometimes this is not a response to a brief, but come with a brief itself and for us it became a symbiotic relationship in which we understand and respect each other a lot. I have done close to 20 partnerships to date and I must say that at least 8 out of 10 is quite satisfactory at all levels. One where I was unhappy was when the founders had no experience or courage to go all the way through things. They had no prediction about how the CEO of their company. ” Did you know that Yves had to work on your drawing the bar is pretty average artist! The skills that he had to work on any presentation, drawing and hanging out! See him give lectures around the world, and you will find it hard to believe that he is a shy. class = “style1″> My only original talent is perseverance! class = “style1″> parting shot : This profession needs a new perspective, so that taking risks and being faithful to their work Yanko Design

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