10 Home Designs Built to Cope With Large Scale Disasters

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 - Architecture, Best Design, Home Design, House Design

Who knows when the world will come to an end! When it does though, wouldn’t it be good to have access to a fortress strong enough to face the biggest of natural disasters? Here are 10 house designs built for just this.

The house is located in Warsaw, Poland. This house was manufactured by the architectural firm Robert Konieczny Polish KWKPromes. This house could be changed into a bunker in a matter of minutes. Contemporary concrete structure with walls that can be drawn provat pushed to clients with the goal of maximum safety.

2. Private Island

Located in Winchester, Wisconsin. The house is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a source of food, power source, remote locations, a bomb shelter and escape methods. The property is worth U.S. $ 18 million and was manufactured by German architect who also built houses for Milwaukee beer barons. It will also include boat and vehicle storage, and a bomb shelter back-up electrical generator capable of powering the island more than a week.

3. Panic Room

Most popular in Los Angeles, is synonymous with a windowless room with a door as thick as a castle gate and a good communication tool. Neoclassical Mansion Updown Court has giant panic room which was amazing.

4. Bunker House

Underground bunkers well known popularly today. There are certainly companies that specialize selling military base that is 20th Century Castles that cost about U.S. $ 260,000.

5. Self-sufficient / Eartship Homes

This idea originally comes from Taos, New Mexico. Manufactured from recycled materials, this home lives and take advantage of rainwater. Additionally people can also grow plants for food. The house in the photo has an area of ​​501 square meters and is located in the Greater World Earthship Community New Mexico and sold for U.S. $ 1.74 million.

6. The Riviera Residence

Based in Santa Barbara, California. With the concept of anti-fire, Donaldson who is the architect of The Riviera Residence survived when the Santa Barbara Tea Fire in 2008. The building is created with fire resistant material (plaster, stone and metal), 3 ply laminated window with metal frame and glossy copper stripes and trim angle.

7. Monolitic Dome Homes

The building is made of concrete almost excellent protection and proven to hold up against tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and the majority of human-caused disasters. The building is also energy efficient and costs. The building in the picture is in Pensacola, Florida and managed to survive the storm and hurricane katrina tr

8. Earth Sheltered Homes

Inspired motivation cool during summer and warm in winter explain why people like living in a prehistoric underground cavern. RC Smoot Construction based Bastrop, Texas specialist building earth-sheltered structures as in this photo. The house is claimed to withstand earthquakes, fires, nuclear smuggling and leakage protection.

9. Storm Cellar

Usually found in the Southeast and Midwest, Tornado Alley. The basement is the alternative to the basement for protection against hurricanes da other severe storms. Proven managed to save a married couple in Alabama saar tornado hit.

10. Flood-proof House

Located in Stinson Beach, California home is located in a flood prone area and the earthquake in Stinson Beach, California. The structure of the house is immune to flooding, storms and tidal water. Architect Matthew Peek and Renata Studio Peek Ancona of Ancona who designed them, including flood walls that can open the lid


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