‘Luxembourg Apartment’ by Metaform Atelier d’Architecture

Sunday, February 12th, 2012 - Interior Design

Luxembourg Apartment’ by Metaform Atelier d’Architecture is a multi-storey residential building in Luxembourg. Exploring the relationship between architecture and art as well as the evolution of the urban landscape in response to the ‘post-graffiti’ era, the project incorporates the work of local artist SUMO to create a sculptural piece that reveals the visual art in a subtle but highlighted fashion.

Situated on an asymmetrical site next to a street, the overall form of the apartment building is stacked in its composition, shifting in size and form on each level. The box-like volumes are finished in a shiny black metal cladding, contrasting with the material palette of neighbouring structures in the area. Seeking to create a dynamic exterior which responds to its immediate conditions, the glossy skin changes in its shade throughout the day. Overhanging portions of cantilevering edges showcase SUMO’s bright creation, putting it on display during the night with artificial light.

Accommodating four individual units of different sizes and composition, the project makes most of its slim plot by expanding in its volume as the floors are stacked. The ground floor takes up a small footprint, stepping back to generate parking and garages off the street. The second floor houses a two-bedroom apartment for a family of three with sleeping quarters placed to the back of the building to ensure privacy. Two studios measuring 47 m2 and 48 m2 are situated on the third level while the top floor serves as a duplex apartment. All units are arranged to free up the three facades of the building from the circulation spaces and feature folding panels that can visually open up the interior to the site.

Images by Steve Troes Fotodesign.

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